Good Reading for New Beekeepers

At our last meeting, 8 May, CBA members had a brief discussion about reading material that would be useful to new beekeepers. Most members recommended these for new beekeepers:

The Honey Bee by V.R. Vickery —

You won’t find this at a regular bookstore, but it’s available in New Brunswick at the Bee Store in Maugerville or through Country Fields Beekeeping Supplies. This was written by a master beekeeper in Quebec, which means that the conditions it describes are very close to what we experience in New Brunswick (a real bonus, since so many of the beekeeping books are written with an eye to the United States market).

Beekeeping for Dummies

Part of the popular series, so it’s widely available wherever books are sold, as well as through the local beekeeping supply stores. An excellent step-by-step introduction to the basics, highly recommended.

Ontario Beekeeping Manual (2006) —

Some of our members are familiar with this publication of the Ontario Beekeepers Association and recommended it to others. It’s available for $30.00 through the OBA. Write to for more information.


Magazines are also useful, especially for up-to-date detailed information about new developments or for stories of the leading figures and events in apiculture. CBA has donated a subscription to Bee Culture to the Fredericton Public Library, so that magazine is available to anyone who wants to read it.

Also, CBA receives the Canadian Honey Council’s Hive Lights magazine and recent issues are available at our regular monthly meetings for interested members to read.