Bee Cozy Winter Hive Wraps

NOD Apiary Products Ltd., the company founded by beekeepers that makes Mite-Away varroa treatment pads, also produces the Bee Cozy winter hive wrap.

The easy-to-use Bee Cozy is constructed of fibreglass insulation and UV-protected polytubing, to give extra weather protection to bees overwintered in cold climates. It is easy to put on and take off, and — unlike the traditional tar-paper wrapping — the Bee Cozy can be saved from year to year and used many times over.

This “how to” video on the winter wrap was produced by NOD Apiary Products. In New Brunswick, the Bee Cozy is distributed by Country Fields Beekeeping Supplies in Upper Coverdale, NB. See the NOD website at for more information, and Bee Cozy distributors in other areas of North America.