Animated Life of Bees

Skwirk, an e-learning website from Australia, has produced a charming animated video that introduces school kids to the life cycle of the honey bee.

It’s too bad that the opening image shows a “hive” that looks a whole lot like a yellow wasps’ nest, and that the relative sizes of the queen and worker bees is so exaggerated, and that the bee eggs look like hen’s eggs…

However, as a cartoon introduction to a complex subject, designed for very young children (and a very short video — just over 1 minute long), it’s cute and engaging.

Animation like this could be a good way to answer some of the many questions that kids have for beekeepers, and create interest in beekeeping at an early age. I wonder if a beekeeping association could launch a project to create something similar … but a cartoon that more accurately represents the honeybees of the real world?


What other honeybee-related educational materials for younger students have you come across on the Internet?